Canada is a land of lakes!

The Canadian landscape has an abundance of lakes under pressure from multiple stressors. A long-term perspective is needed to understand implications for lake ecosystem functioning, but direct observational monitoring records are rarely available for this purpose. We use lake sediment cores (the field of paleolimnology) to indirectly infer past environmental conditions and trajectories of lake ecosystem change, with a geographical focus in southern Ontario and the Northwest Territories.    

Discontinuous Permafrost Partnership
A new NSERC Alliance grant provides funding to support our research on lake ecosystem responses to permafrost thaw in the Dehcho region, NWT. 
February 3, 2021
Successful lake coring trip to the Mackenzie Delta region 
PhD student Grace Hoskin led a successful  field season that collecting sediments from 15 lakes in the region. We are grateful to the Western Arctic Research Centre, Inuvik Hunters and Trappers, and Dr. Steve Kokelj for making the trip possible.
April 19, 2021

thaw slump2.jpg
Cameron Hills_5904.JPG
2021 Stevenson Award Plenary
Dr. Korosi delivered the J.C. Stevenson Memorial Lecture at the 2021 Canadian Conference for Fisheries Research. The lectureship is conferred upon a young, energetic and creative researcher at the cutting-edge of an aquatic discipline.
February 17, 2021

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