Canada is a land of lakes!

The Canadian landscape has an abundance of lakes under pressure from multiple stressors. A long-term perspective is needed to understand implications for lake ecosystem functioning, but direct observational monitoring records are rarely available for this purpose. We use lake sediment cores (the field of paleolimnology) to indirectly infer past environmental conditions and trajectories of lake ecosystem change, with a geographical focus in southern Ontario and the Northwest Territories.    

Korosi Lab Research Video
Enjoy our new video (above) introducing the research we do in the lab. Thanks to Dr. Josh Thienpont for producing it!
February 22, 2020
Lab research featured in new Lake Scugog educational video
A summation of a collaborative 3-year Ontario Trillium Foundation grant. to view it, click here.  
January 29, 2020
New Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change!
The lab joins the new Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change at York U, created to address world’s most pressing issues. See here for more details
February 17, 2020

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